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Hey, friends!

As stated in the description of my latest drawing, I've been in a bit of a rut with drawing and trying to keep my style consistent so I thought that a good thing to help me keep on track and also to help me practice drawing a wider diversity of characters and such would be to open up a small giveaway type of event! 

So for the next week (Until January 15th) I will be picking from the comments on this journal entry and drawing your OC's!

I won't be going in order, so being first does not guarantee you a spot (but it would help it a lot as I tend to see the earlier ones first) and I won't necessarily be doing all of them however, if you'd possibly like a doodle of your character by me then please leave a comment with a picture of the character that you would like for me to draw! Or, if you don't have a picture of the character- you can just describe them as best as you can and I'll try my best to draw them! Please mind, however, that if you use a description I might not be 100% accurate. Also, with this, sorry to anyone whose characters I don't end up drawing- I usually go with the first ones that I see during that particular drawing session so if I skim past yours I am very sorry!

I'm going to try and get as many as I can get done by the end of this month so if any of you would be willing to let me get some practice with your characters that would be great!

Thanks, guys!

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My name is Tea Park, I'm the real Tea Park- don't let the imposter fool you. Run, run before she catches on. Trust me, I'm the real one!

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All joking aside, hey there! I'm Tea Park, the owner of this account. I'm a traditional media hobbyist that occasionally dabbles in cosplay and other mediums. Some of my favourite things include cute things (such as umbrellas, cupcakes, pastel colours, etc.), reading (my favourite types of stories are fairy tales, fantasy, and mystery), drawing, and making/wearing cosplay.

Some of my cosplay, to date, include Yoosung Kim from Mystic Messenger, Human! Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls, A maid version of Umbreon from Pokemon, VY2 YUMA from Vocaloid, N from Pokemon Black and White, Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, Satsuki from My Neighbour Totoro, Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, Arthur Kirkland from Hetalia, Grey Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfillia from Fairy Tail, and Shirakiin Ririchyou from Inu x Boku. 

I spend a lot of time playing video games, primarily League of Legends and Pokemon, but I also really enjoy indie horrors like Ib and Mad Father. Although, I'm not very good at any of them...

My style in art is fairly varied, I'm not very good at drawing realistically so everything tends to look fairly cartoon-like. I don't have a concrete style yet, but I am working on finding it! 

I am currently studying to become and English teacher, I'm not sure at the moment if I want to teach ESL English or if I want to be teaching Highschool level English. On the same note, I am currently working as a tutor and teach a mix of both depending on the students. 

I'm pretty socially awkward, and I'm not very good at replying to messages/starting or continuing conversation but please feel free to send me a message! Although I am bad at it, I love talking to and meeting new people! Especially if they have similar interests to me, geeking out over games, art, or whatever else with people is may be is one of my favourite things.

Anyways, that's my very informal and very poorly formatted introduction- but I'm very happy to be part of this community and am excited to meet new people and share my art!

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